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iCC offers you the world’s first Carbon-neutralized Card, which can provide many benefits for your business. Check this short summary and choose the Card that fits you the most!

The summary will show you how your business can benefit from the iCC – EDC partnership.

As an accepting location you will become a member of a well-organized marketing machine, which works with its full force to make your income grow through trade increase.


With your products and services you can take your place in the EDC’s Online catalogue, which helps you to introduce your business with countless searches (geographical location, amount of discount, industry, activity) to your potential customers. The Online search application can be found not only on all card issuer’s webpages but on this page as well.

Together with your Card you will receive an EDC sticker, which you can place at the entrance of your shop, so the customers will know that it is worth visiting you.

The program – launching on October 1, 2013 – is a great opportunity, since more than 180 Card issuer organizations will start communicating with their members. All of these organizations have a stake in their members using their Cards, since they can receive commission after the turnover of their marketed Cards. These sales-discount_1 organizations and companies (media, newspapers, chambers, associations, trade unions, and artistic, voluntary theatre groups encompassing their fan Clubs) cover the entire territory of Hungary. Companies and traders who  – above the discount that they provide to their customers – offer turnover commission to the iCC – EDC system will have better results in this program. The iCC – EDC system will use this turnover commission to popularize the discount providers in form of targeted marketing communication and campaigns.

You will get access to appear on iCC platforms, through which you can show others your commitment to environmental protection. Since for your support you will be rewarded with a GOLD Card you will also contribute to the realization of our environmental goals by offsetting 1 ton of CO2. Accordingly, your name will appear on the list of supporters as an acknowledgement of your support.

sales-discount_2Those of our partners will receive high priority advertisement, who reduce their hazardous material emission by participating in our programs. These Programs include: the reduction of energy consumption by the audition of service contracts, the LED program, the solar cell program, the wind turbine program, or other optimizing programs. We reward our partner’s commitment by signing their name with silver on their Gold Card.

If one of our partners becomes 100% Carbon Neutral, we will award them for their individual environmental activities with a Gold Card on which their names are written with gold letters.

The iCC
Is a Trade mark which guarantees you environ-mental consciousness in connection with products, services and private consumers. iCC is a generation that will be able to overcome Climate Change! New Generation – International Carbon Cycle. The 100% Carbon Neutral iCC products and services will cause real change.


Is Hungary’s largest loyalty system. Today, all over Hungary, more than 1.100.000 EDC Cardholder can make purchases at 1073, shops, service locations and web shops with an average of 11.4 percent of discount. This provides a purchasing power of 40.000 Cardholders in each County and 400.000 Cardholders in Budapest for the Accepting locations .



When you are shopping, make sure to ask: are you accepting iCC – EDC cards?
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