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Would you imagine that in Hungary every single person produces through their activities 5.6 tons of CO2 which gets to the atmosphere? This amount is severalfold over the amount that would be allowed from the viewpoint of earth’s livability?

Did you know that all of these are closely connected to the formation of our personal living circumstances, here and now? It is scientifically proven, that the Global Warming is caused by the emission produced by people and their activities.

Has it ever occurred to you, that there exist environmental friendly technologies that help you to change the world’s environmental condition?  It is impossible to exhaust renewable energy sources, and with their help we can provide for the global energy requirements.

By building windmills, solar farms and hydro-electric power plants, we will be able to produce energy in a way that we will not pollute our environment and will not worsen our living conditions, or the cleanness of the air.

Would you like to get familiarized with the opportunity that is available for everyone, and will help to spread green energies, and above all that it will generate you financial benefits?

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Grow richer by purchasing things!

Use the iCC – CO2 Neutral Discount Card and purchase things at the suppliers or service providers that have supported environmental protection and are supporting customers with discounts to provide personal advocacy to the building of the Green Sector. Become Green, and support the renewables!

Turn the world up-side-down

sales-discount_4By doing so, you will set an example for others, and while it will help you developing your environmental consciousness, it will also help others to start thinking differently. Every time you use your card, purchase something with it, or you just simply show it to your friends, you will make a step towards a Green Future. Everything is possible together!


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The iCC
Is a Trade mark which guarantees you environ-mental consciousness in connection with products, services and private consumers. iCC is a generation that will be able to overcome Climate Change! New Generation – International Carbon Cycle. The 100% Carbon Neutral iCC products and services will cause real change.


Is Hungary’s largest loyalty system. Today, all over Hungary, more than 1.100.000 EDC Cardholder can make purchases at 1073, shops, service locations and web shops with an average of 11.4 percent of discount. This provides a purchasing power of 40.000 Cardholders in each County and 400.000 Cardholders in Budapest for the Accepting locations .



When you are shopping, make sure to ask: are you accepting iCC – EDC cards?
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