Today, eligibility, responsible and ethical behavior are basic expectations in business life. Many organizations have realized the importance of their social involvement which originates from their size or activities.

For organizations it is important to extend their aim of profit maximization with the principles and values that provide a solution for the new environmental and social challenges.

We recommend the purchase of the iCC – Neutral Card for organizations that want to take an active part in the field of social responsibility. The Card is an appropriate tool to do so, since the purchase of each Card offsets 1 ton of CO2 in the atmosphere.

The Sustainability program:

  • Contributes to sustainable development, thus securing health and the welfare of the society;
  • Takes into consideration the concerned party’s expectations in the course of the organization’s functioning;
  • It suits the acts in force, and it corresponds with the international norms of behavior;
  • It can be integrated in the organization’s activity, and the Card, as a tool used in practice, provides a system that has  a positive effect on the organization’s external relationships.

What benefits can we offer for those organizations that join our environmental support program and order an iCC-EDC CO2 Neutral Card?

  • Increasing the organization’s competitiveness, reputation, and it helps the organization to gain trust from society.
  • Contributing to the promotion and launch of programs and initiatives that have been taken forward in favor of the community.
  • Chance to make significant savings, through the increase of the members’ environmental consciousness, thus increasing the productivity, resource-efficiency and recycling, decreasing the energy and water consumption, as well as the discharges of wastes.
  • Preventing or reducing the incidental customer complaints in reference to the products or services, and boosts the company’s reputation and assessment.
  • Developing the organization’s risk management practices, and generates innovation.
  • Increasing the employee’s loyalty, morale, involvement and integration, work- and health safety.

Who can benefit from it?

  • Top managers, owners, shareholders and investors;
  • employees (HR, marketing, PR, acquisition, technical fields, compliance organization);
  • customers, users and consumers;
  • product suppliers, service providers and partners;
  • federals and collaborators, as well as competitors;
  • government, community, society and environment.
The iCC
Is a Trade mark which guarantees you environ-mental consciousness in connection with products, services and private consumers. iCC is a generation that will be able to overcome Climate Change! New Generation – International Carbon Cycle. The 100% Carbon Neutral iCC products and services will cause real change.


Is Hungary’s largest loyalty system. Today, all over Hungary, more than 1.100.000 EDC Cardholder can make purchases at 1073, shops, service locations and web shops with an average of 11.4 percent of discount. This provides a purchasing power of 40.000 Cardholders in each County and 400.000 Cardholders in Budapest for the Accepting locations .



When you are shopping, make sure to ask: are you accepting iCC – EDC cards?
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