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sales-discount_5Become a propagator advisor of the CO2 Neutral Card and start working today! We provide you a cost effective and easy opportunity to earn income from our environmental marketing program, even if you are an environmentalist, a profit oriented businessman, an agent or a trader, an entrepreneur or an individual!

Thank you for being interested in the iCC Neutral Card Advisor status!

The history of this business goes back to 13 years, and now, together with our environmental marketing program it is growing more intensively. Our goal is to show to tens of thousands of discount providers and millions of Cardholders that through supporting environmentalism they can earn several times more than their expenses.

You can become successful simply by following these steps:

  1. Visit our webpage and get to know our supporting program, and the iCC Neutral Card!
  2. Choose a White/Gold Card, and through your support you will get the authority to recommend others!
  3. If you have a product or a service, take advantage of the income increasing opportunity and register to become a discount providing partner!
  4. Sign up for our Advisor training; learn the secrets of the card system and how it works! The training is free!
  5. Try yourself at those places where you go shopping to, offer the cost effective tool of the Green Marketing, the iCC Neutral Card and call your friends to join as well!
  6. Realize income from your activity!
  7. Recognize the fact that you are a useful member of the group fighting against Global Warming.
  8. Know, that you do good for the environment, yourself, your family, the traders and the customers simultaneously!
sales-discount_3 * Start today! Your Card request will be processed by our registered advisors! If you do not know any advisors, please let us know, and we will search in our system for the closest advisor for you..

The iCC
Is a Trade mark which guarantees you environ-mental consciousness in connection with products, services and private consumers. iCC is a generation that will be able to overcome Climate Change! New Generation – International Carbon Cycle. The 100% Carbon Neutral iCC products and services will cause real change.


Is Hungary’s largest loyalty system. Today, all over Hungary, more than 1.100.000 EDC Cardholder can make purchases at 1073, shops, service locations and web shops with an average of 11.4 percent of discount. This provides a purchasing power of 40.000 Cardholders in each County and 400.000 Cardholders in Budapest for the Accepting locations .



When you are shopping, make sure to ask: are you accepting iCC – EDC cards?
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